Sweetest Holiday Phat-Ties
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Sweetest Holiday Phat-Ties

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Classic red and white candy cane stripes will be sure to make your pet look like the sweetest pet ever this holiday season! 

Available in two different styles we are sure you will find one your pet will love. 

The Fancy Phat-Tie has all the “extra” your pet will need to look their best. A classic bow style with added “ribbons” that hang down to give them that extra flair. 

The Classic Phat-Tie is just that. A classic looking bow tie for your pets to look amazing.

Both styles are available in two sizes, Standard and Small. 

Standard size is approximately 4.75” across

      - 5.5” long for Fancy Phat-Tie

Small size is approximately 3.5” across 

      - 3.5” long for Fancy Phat-Tie

Our NEW style of bow tie is sure to look just right on your furry friends as well thanks to a new filled bow section, on the top, that is soft, yet will hold its shape while your pet wears it. 

Bow Ties can be attached with the hook and loop tape to attach the bow tie around their collar. .

All bowties are handmade and variances may happen, this just adds to the uniqueness of the product. Fabric patterns may vary slightly as well since each individual piece is cut from a larger piece of fabric. Know that none of these variances will affect the quality of your product. 

Spot clean only.