Over the Collar Bandanas - Reversible

Buying one of our bandanas is like getting two for the price of one! They are reversible! 

All of our items are handmade. Please allow for slight variances (they add to the uniqueness of the item) and patterns to not be exactly like the ones pictured. I cut all items by hand from one large pice of fabric, so item placement will ultimately determine what the pattern on each individual item will be. I try to give as close a representation of the item as possible.

You may also add a personal touch by adding a name or phrase to your new bandana! Just look for "Add Ons" in our Bandanas section of our store.

Over the collar bandanas are not intended to wrap all the way around your pets neck. They should cover between 50% and 75% of your pets collar length for a proper fit. The approximate width of the over the collar bandanas is as follows:

XS - 6"  (pet's collar length would be 12" to cover 50%)

Small - 8" (pet's collar length would be 16" to cover 50%)

Medium - 9.5" (pet's collar length would be 19" to cover 50%)

Large - 10.5" (pet's collar length would be 21" to cover 50%)

XL -13.5" (pet's collar length would be 27" to over 50%)

We only sell over the collar bandanas. They do not tie around the pets neck, but instead slide over the pet's collar. At Sassy Puppy Co., we do not believe in tying anything around a pet's neck for their safety. Fabrics tied around a pets neck can lead to strangulation if they should ever become snagged on something. The harder they pull, the tighter the tied fabric will become until it is difficult to remove from your pet in a timely manner. Our over the collar bandanas help prevent this issue by allowing you to simply unbuckle your pets collar to release them should they become snagged on anything. We always recommend you supervise your pet when they are wearing any clothing items, for their safety. 

All Sassy Puppy Co. bandanas can be washed by hand or on gentle cycle in the washing machine. We suggest line drying, or laying flat to dry, and ironing to flatten the fabric once dried.